Harry B .Li

CEO / Managing Director
+46 73 201 95 44

Harry Li has 20 years of entrepreneurial, leadership and corporate finance experience:

  • Head of Strategic Pricing at EVRY (Group Strategy and M&A) 
  • Head of CDTS Resources at Accenture (Corporate Finance) 
  • CFO / board member of Hypercell.ai 
  • CFO and Co-Founder of Resistance.ai 
  • Owner of Mongolian Steakhouse (Largest BBQ in the Nordics)
  • Founder of Euronsin Management AB (Mgmt. consulting firm)
  • Educations:
    • New York University Stern School of Business, triple major:
      • B.Sc. Finance (Corporate Finance & Accounting)
      • B.Sc. Marketing
      • B.Sc. International Business
    • Harvard Honor Exchange Program
    • Language: Chinese/Mandarin, English, and Swedish 

Stefan Aronsson

Managing Director
+46 72 300 04 64

Stefan Aronsson is a well-established member of the Swedish M&A community with more than 30 years of successful transactions and corporate finance engagements. Stefan’s career highlights: 

  • Senior Vice President Swedbank
  • Head of Corporate Finance with Danske Bank
  • Head of Corporate Finance Erik Penser Bank
  • Chairman and Co-Founder of Brixo (Consumer Credit Banking)
  • Founder of Askö Corporate Finance (Earlier named Nordfirst)
  • M&A at Handelsbanken
  • Education: 
    • Cast Western Reserve University M.Sc. Computer Engineering
    • Stockholm School of Economics: MBA 
    • Royal Institute of Technology: M.Sc. Engineering Physics
    • Language: Swedish and English


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