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 Ever since China opened its borders to FDI for the first time in 1979, China has been slowly adopting and emulating the Western system of economy and its financial structures. However, progress has been slow, as China needed a balance between maintaining its economic growth while preserving its unique political system. Over time, as China is taking on a greater geopolitical role, it’s forced to more progressive financial policies – not until recently has there even been possible for foreign financial institutions to establish themselves as majority owners in the Chinese market.

Besides, the recent trade war between China and U.S. has resulted in a significant reduction in China’s many decades of reliance on U.S. financing regarding FDI, M&A, VC, JV, and other capital in- and outflows by up to 90%. As to respond against the new U.S. tariff initiatives, the Chinese banks have adopted harsh regulatory requirements against U.S. capital going in and out of China as well.

Finally, as the old saying goes “money never sleeps”, the above situation is forcing the fast-growing Chinese economy to adapt to this new reality. Consequently, many Chinese financial institutions are forced to look towards the European partners for new sources of financial platforms.

Unfortunately, currently, there are very few professional Scandinavian M&A boutiques that specialize in the Chinese market…

What is Eurosin?

…This is where Eurosin Capital comes into the picture – a platform composed of highly professional and established leaders and members within the Scandinavian and Chinese financial sector. With our strong local and Chinese knowledge and network, Eurosin will develop opportunities and facilitate the process for our Clients in both buy- and sell-side of the transactions. Our value lay in our dedication of building long-term relationships with our Clients, we prefer to follow our Clients throughout the entire transaction cycle while providing tailored solutions if necessary.

Why Sweden?

Sweden, especially Stockholm, is often called the “Capital of Scandinavia,” home and beginning to some of the most well-known brands in the world. Sweden is the birthplace of a long row of successful companies with global reach. The country’s forward-thinking culture, digitally connected economy, backed by an extremely mature banking and financing structure has shaped well-known companies like IKEA, Spotify, SKF, Volvo, SAAB, Ericsson, Electrolux, H&M, Vattenfall and many more. This tradition of entrepreneurial lineage is still very much part of Sweden today – Sweden produces the second most unicorn companies per capita in the world (Unicorn companies = companies that reach 1 billion USD in market capitalization), second only to Silicon Valley.

Sweden also has extremely mature and liberal banking and financing structure – This will provide both Chinese/Swedish investors and financial institutions seeking investment going both ways a stable and reliable foundation to build on. At the same time, given that Swedish banking and financial sectors are well-established and rather conservative in nature, this creates further room for Eurosin to grow

Clients & Partners

Our Partners

Currently, the Eurosin team represents Chinese investors and partners like the Pantheon Assets Management Company in the Scandinavian region.

We market exclusivity rights – meaning our associates will help our Scandinavian institutional investors/clients/partners to the most exclusive investment banking opportunities between Scandinavia and mainland China/Hong Kong offered by our official partners.

We have formal cooperation agreements with established Scandinavian investment banking institutions, M&A partnerships.

Pantheon Asset Management

Pantheon Asset Management Company (北京磐晟投资) was established in 2003, Beijing China, concentrating on serving ultra-high net worth clients and institutions. Currently, Patheon has above 16 billion RMB (or 2.3 billion USD) assets under active management.

Pantheon seeks M&A projects actively by investing funds and already has more than 20 successful withdrawal cases though the way of listed company M&A, with the total trade amount of over 15 billion RMB. Prime asset client portfolios focus on equity, fixed income, and diversified capital. Strategic alliance with serious top financial institutions, such as Morgan Stanley, UBS, Credit Suisse, and Nomura.

Our Vision

Eurosin Capital aims to be the most dedicated and largest investment portfolio of Chinese investment opportunities in the Nordics, where we offer our Clients full end-to-end professional financial services, such as M&A, valuation, mergers, divestments, restructurings, stock exchange listings capital procurements, and specific target acquisitions. A place where Nordic corporate investors can find unique opportunities not available in any other traditional Nordic investment platforms. It is also a hub for large Chinese investors to find Nordic investment targets.

Our Leadership Team

Harry Li

Harry is a proven leader excelled at building teams of professionals — advanced experience in analyzing and supporting some of the most significant, most complex business transactions in Europe. With more than 15 years of corporate finance leadership and investment banking experience from TietoEVRY, Accenture, Lehman Brothers and has been involved in several successful startups, e.g., Harry is the co-founder of, world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency exchange using atomic swap and proof of research. Harry is also the CFO and board member for, a successful Finnish based high-tech company, and head of strategic pricing at EVRY. Harry graduated 2007 with honors from New York University Stern School of Business in Finance, Marketing, and International Business, with additional honors received from Harvard University Honor Exchange Program

Stefan Aronsson

Stefan is a well-established member of the Swedish M&A community with more than 30 years of successful transactions and corporate finance engagements. He is also the founder and CEO of Aksö corporate finance, a Swedish partner-owned independent corporate finance advisory firm. Askö was founded in 2001 (under the name of Nordfirst) and offers qualified and financial and strategic advisory to companies and their owners in connection with acquisitions, mergers, divestments, restructurings, stock exchange listings capital procurements, company valuation, and incentive programs. Currently, Stefan is the key partner of Eurosin Capital.

David Lindblom

David is a high-performing project manager with several years of Chinese business intelligence and corporate analysis experience. His in-depth understanding of the Chinese market and fluency in Chinese-mandarin mixed with his solid business knowledge makes him a highly valued member of the Eurosin Capital team. In addition, David is also the founder of Swesia, a consultancy firm with a focus on working with Shenzhen, China. David graduated from Stockholm University with a degree in Business and Administrations.

Ning Li

Ning is a high-performing legal associate with extensive corporate law experience at Fa Bao Ltd., a sub-division of Promise-U Law, one of the most prominent law-firms in Guandong province. Ning has extended experience working with clients and multi-dimensional audit cases (controversial risk, enforcement Risk, rate of return, etc.). She is currently responsible for Eurosin's target acquisition and client relationship management in southern China. Ning currently holds a law degree at Wuhan Yangtze Business University, and a Chinese trade law certification.

George Yang

With 20 years of Investment banking experience in China, George is a valued Eurosin Chinese Subsidiary Partner. George has extensive experience from M& A and cross-border investments and is the Director and founder of Pantheon Asset Management (with 20 billion RMB under asset Management).


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