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Our Business Statement

Who We Are?

Eurosin Capital is an enterprise composed of highly professional and established leaders and members within the Scandinavian and Chinese industrial and financial sectors. With our strong local and Chinese/Nordic knowledge and network, Eurosin will develop opportunities and facilitate the process for our Clients in both buy- and sell-side of financial transactions. Our value lay in our dedication of building long-term relationships with our Clients. We prefer to follow our Clients throughout all the steps of a transaction cycle while providing tailored solutions if necessary.

Our Clients & Partners

Our Key Chinese Partner

Eurosin Capital represents Chinese investors and partners like the Pantheon Assets Management Company in the Scandinavian region.

Eurosin Capital has market exclusivity rights – meaning our associates will help our Scandinavian institutional investors/clients/partners to the most exclusive investment banking opportunities between Scandinavia, main-land China, and Hong Kong offered by our official partners.

We have formal cooperation agreements with established Scandinavian investment banking institutions, M&A partnerships..

Pantheon Asset Management

Pantheon Asset Management Company (北京磐晟投资) was established in 2003, Beijing China, concentrating on serving ultra-high net worth clients and institutions. Currently, Patheon has above 16 billion RMB (or 2.3 billion USD) assets under active management.

Pantheon seeks M&A projects actively by investing funds and already has more than 20 successful withdrawal cases though the way of listed company M&A, with the total trade amount of over 15 billion RMB. Prime asset client portfolios focus on equity, fixed income, and diversified capital. Strategic alliance with serious top financial institutions, such as Morgan Stanley, UBS, Credit Suisse, and Nomura.

Our Core Services

Transaction Origination

  • Secure buyers and sellers cross-border
  • Representing companies cross-border
  • Deal structuring (including legal and tax considerations) and well as valuation
  • European “home-base” and “hand-holding” for strategic buyers
  • Arranging M&A events
  • Disclosure schedule
  • Market / investment analysis / strategy
  • Checking synergies and backgrounds
  • Cross-border product/company promotion

Active Transaction Support

  • Due diligence financial / business / legal / technical / IP
  • Cultural “hand-holding”
  • Translation and documentation services
  • Recommendations of lawyers and other professional support
  • Business case support
  • Negotiation support
  • Setting up company structures
  • Insurance / permits / filings / regulations
  • Financing referrals

Post Transaction Activities

  • Infused management
  • Cultural “hand-holding”
  • Synergy realization
  • Efficiency / cost reductions
  • Cross-border market realization
  • Investment expansion advisory
  • Follow-up on M&A assumptions
  • Monthly reports towards lead-investors
  • Optimization of cross-border cash flow
  • Implement exit strategies
  • Management consulting

Our Core Values

Eurosin Capital’s company symbol is composed of a large triangle made of two triangles, representing Eastern and Western values, overlapping each other. A circle in the middle, a rising sun. This is a metaphor for value generated by combining the strength of both Western and Eastern knowledge and ingenuities to merge two dimensions to a unified concept that will lead to successful business outcomes for our Clients and Partners. Moreover, the corresponding 3-sides of the pyramid reflecting Eurosin Capital’s core values:

Our Core Team

Harry B. Li

CEO & Managing Director (Nordics)

+46 73 201 95 44

  About Harry

Harry Li has 20 years of entrepreneurial, leadership and corporate finance with USD 1.5 billion+ worth of combined transactional experiences:

  • Head of Strategic Pricing at EVRY (Group Strategy and M&A)
  • Head of CDTS Nordic Resources at Accenture (Corporate Finance and M&A)
  • CFO/CSO (Strategy) of
  • CFO/Co-Founder of
  • Owner of Mongolian Steakhouse (Largest BBQ in the Nordics)
  • Founder of Euronsin Management AB (Mgmt. consulting firm)


  • New York University (NYU) Stern School of Business, graduated in triple-majors with honors: B.Sc. Finance, B.Sc. Marketing, B.Sc. International Business
  • Harvard Honor Exchange Program
  • Languages: Chinese/Mandarin, English, and Swedish

Stefan Aronsson

Managing Director (Nordics)

+46 72 300 04 64

  About Stefan

Stefan Aronsson is a well-established member of the Swedish M&A community with more than 30 years of successful transactions and corporate finance engagements. Stefan’s career highlights:

  • Senior Vice President Swedbank
  • Head of Corporate Finance with Danske Bank
  • Head of Corporate Finance Erik Penser Bank
  • Chairman and Co-Founder of Brixo (Consumer Credit Banking)
  • Founder of Askö Corporate Finance (Earlier named Nordfirst)
  • FM&A at Handelsbanken
  • Multiple Board Member Assignments


  • Case Western Reserve University M.Sc. Computer Engineering
  • Stockholm School of Economics: MBA
  • Royal Institute of Technology: M.Sc. Engineering Physics
  • Languages: Swedish and English

George Yang

Managing Director (China)

+86 134 1899 0791

  About George

George Yang has 20 years of Chinese investment banking experience. George’s experiences and highlights:

  • CVC Asia Fund Executive, participated in USD 200 million+ direct investments.
  • Director/Partner/Co-founder at Pantheon Asset (or Pangsheng, a company with RMB 20 billion assets under active management).
  • China Renaissance Investment Associate, George participated in USD 2 billion+ of cross-border M&A transactions and USD 300 million+ of private placement transactions.
  • Partner at China Grand Prosperity Investment


  • Melbourne University Bachelor of Law / Commerce
  • INSEAD Macquarie Executive Finance Program
  • NYU Stern Exchange Student Program
  • Languages: Chinese/Mandarin and English

David Lindblom

Manager (Nordics)

+46 76 052 40 50

  About David

David Lindblom is a high-performing project manager with several years of Chinese business intelligence and corporate analysis experience. David’s experiences and highlights:

  • Project Manager at Sweden – China Entrepreneurial Association
  • Fluent in Chinese, English, and Swedish
  • Previous role as Cross-Cultural Consultant
  • Advanced understanding of Chinese business culture

Experience from official delegation visits, on-site visits, Chinese subsidy applications, cross-border eCommerce guidance, and due-diligence reports.


  • Stockholm University B.Sc. in Business and Administrations
  • Stockholm University B.Sc. in Mandarin Chinese (formally known as Sinology)
  • NYU Stern Exchange Student Program
  • Languages: Swedish, English, and Chinese/Mandarin

Li Ning

Analyst (China)

+86 134 1899 0791

  About Li

Li Ning is a high-performing legal associate with extensive Chinese corporate law experience. Ning has extended experience working with clients and multi-dimensional audit cases.

  • Associate of Law Fa Bao Ltd., a sub-division of Promise-U (one of the most prominent law-firms in Guangdong province).
  • Client Manager working on clients and multi-dimensional audit cases (controversial risk, enforcement Risk, rate of return, etc.)


  • Law degree from Wuhan Yangtze Business University
  • Chinese law certificate
  • Languages: Chinese / Mandarin

Nancy Zhang

Analyst (Nordics)

+46 72 251 88 76

  About Nancy

Nancy is an ambitious Analyst with the following relevant experiences:

  • Translator at Transvoice for Chinese / Swedish
  • Secretary for Rongtai Investment
  • Administrator at Sweden Hälsa & Beauty


  • Stockholm University, M.Sc. Accounting & Management Control (Ongoing)
  • Stockholm University B.Sc. Business administration & Accounting
  • Languages: Chinese/Mandarin, Swedish, and English

Julia Giertta

Analyst (Nordics)

+46 76 942 36 38

  About Julia

Julia has worked as a life-science advisor, investment analysis of Nordic-based biotech, health-tech, and med-tech companies:

  • Consultant at Zozium
  • Production engineer - Cytiva
  • Process Engineer at Astra Zeneca – worked with cross-functional groups with process-related assignments
  • Investment Advisor


  • M.Sc. biotechnology engineering from Uppsala University
  • B.Sc. Engineering from Uppsala University
  • Julia has also studied at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and China.
  • Master Thesis - Animech Technologies AB
  • Languages: Swedish and English.

Marcus Lindell

Junior Analyst (Nordics)

+46 76 636 36 17

  About Marcus

Marcus is a driven junior analyst with a lot of entrepreneurial sprit and drive.

  • Community Manager at Just Football
  • Soccer coach at BP Camp


  • Business Administration Stockholm Business School
  • Languages: Swedish / English.

Pouria Parvaneh

Junior Analyst (Nordics)

+46 73 705 36 50

  About Pouria

Pouria is a driven Junior analyst that have been working on multiple smaller entrepreneurial projects.

  • Sales Specialist at Hypercell, a Finnish-based tech-company.
  • Pouria has also worked with sales for Lexus Stockholm.


  • B.Sc. Vehicle Engineering / Civil Engineering from Swedish Royal Institute of Technology
  • M.Sc. Industrial Management and Economics
  • Language: Swedish / English / Persian

Advisory Board

Marek Bubak

Senior Advisor

  About Marek

Marek is a highly experienced leader with extensive knowledge and network within the Nordic IT industry. Career high-lights:

  • Managing Director at Accenture
    • Industrial and Consumer Durables Lead
  • Executive at IBM
    • Business Development Executive
    • Nordic Lead Business Development Executive
    • Lead Business Development Executive
  • Vice President at Tieto
    • Nordic Business Development
  • Director at Ericsson
    • APAC Business Management Director
    • Corporate Director – Intercompany Affairs
  • Senior Advisor at SAP

Prof. Zhu Jie

Senior Advisor

  About Zhu Jie

In addition to Prof. Zhu’s strong ties with Chinese and Nordic medical institutions, she also has extensive medical and research experiences from both Nordic and China:

  • Professor of Neurology, Director of the Laboratory of Neuroimmunology and the doctoral tutor at department of NVS, Karolinska Instituted of Sweden*. (*Karolinska Institute Sweden awards the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine).
  • Former Professor and chief physician of Beijing 301 Hospital (301 Hospital’s mission includes assuring the health of China’s top national and military leaderships). And 1st, 2nd, and distinguished Professor at Jilin University.
  • A review expert of the British Foundation, the National Natural Science Foundation for Switzerland, Spain, Italy, China, and the NIH of USA, and other national funds. Furthermore, she is also a Yangtze River Scholar.
  • According to ResearchGate, Prof. Zhu is involved in 194 medical publications, and she has been cited by more than 4 673 different medical and research publications.

Björn Andersson

Senior Advisor

  About Björn

Prof. Andersson is a well-known label in the Nordic research community. He has dedicated most of his life to scientific research with a focus on Molecular Biology. Below are some of Prof. Andersson’s selected experiences:

  • Currently (full) Professor of Genome Analysis at Department of Cell and Molecular Biology at Karolinska Institute
  • Associate professor at Uppsala university
  • Post-Doctoral fellow at Bayor College of Medicine
  • Ph.D. Molecular Biology at Karolinska institute
  • Prof. Björn is also a distinguished member and fellow of numerous distinguished medical institutions and societies
  • According to research gate Prof. Andersson be involved in 370 scientific publications and has been cited more than 10 500 times.


For inquiries or more information about our services, do not hesitate to contact us.

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