Eurosin Capital

Eurosin Christmas Party


Eurosin Capital wish all our friends a Merry Christmas. We are proud to say during these past 12 months we manage to build a team of incredibly talented and dedicated young professionals and a handful of senior advisors like Marek Bubak, prof Bjorn Andersson, prof Zhu Jie, and other extremely successful mentors. In addition, despite COVID restrictions we manage to establish formal cooperations with some of the most prominent investment banks and law firms in the Nordics and China. We also manage to sign a couple of sizeable engagements with both nordic and Chinese institutional clients, moreover, successfully completed our first transactions. So far it has been an incredibly fun and challenging adventure, which I sincerely wish to invite more talents to join in. To thank all our closest supporters, we have thrown together a small Xmas gathering! hopefully next year we have even more advisors, friends, talents, and partners joining us!

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